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Who Needs Short Term Cover in the UK?

Anyone who is driving in the UK needs to have the proper kind of cover. For some people, entertaining short-term visitors does happen at regular intervals; they may expect this kind of cover to be just one of the many preparations necessary for their guests. These visitors, if located in the UK, still must be carrying a standard UK driver licence in order to qualify for the cover. If they are coming in to visit from Europe, the licence they carry must have been valid for at least 12 months prior to being added for short-term UK cover. An additional qualifying factor is the age of the temporary driver. They must usually fall between the ages of 24 and 75 in order to qualify for this temporary cover.

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How Long Can the Cover Last?

It is good to have all the details of the visitors' length of stay before taking out short-term cover, so that you can accurately determine exactly how many days will be needed. It is normal to take out a policy that only lasts one day. Remember, anytime your vehicle is used by someone that is not on your regular policy, that no-claims bonus and your very licence to drive is literally placed in their hands. Accidents happen in unlikely places all the time -- at car parks, stop lights and at slow speeds.

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